pro-EE aims to improve energy efficiency through sustainable public procurement. For this purpose, pro-EE brought together producers and consumers, implemented energy-efficient Green Public Procurement (GPP) procedures in local administrations, and organised training for municipalities’ procurement staff. At the same time, five pilot cities set up integrated energy efficiency action plans, which included the involvement of stakeholders and awareness-raising campaigns for citizens. Result flyer for download undefinedhere / Final report for download undefinedhere

Organisation of energy-efficient procurement

• inform and organise municipalities in the pilot region;

• identify products with the highest environmental priority;

• publish "Calls for Interest" for these products;

• develop tenders with energy efficiency criteria.

Embedding sustainable public procurement in local energy efficiency plans
Energy efficiency plans provide systematic ground for sustainable procurement. To develop energy efficiency plans, the methodology designed recommends two steps: the so-called Climate Scan, which corresponds with a state-of-the-art evaluation of activities already being carried out, followed by identification of activities and measures that the local authority can take up within its own competences. Find the pro-EE-Toolkit undefinedhere

The pro-EE pilot cities of Tôrres Vedras, Cascais, Murcia, San Sebastián and Amaroussion developed their energy efficiency plan under the local authority’s leadership. Involving as many as possible departments within the city administration and the local stakeholders secures the full potential for energy efficiency.

Training in sustainable public procurement
Training in sustainable public procurement enhances competence and knowledge within municipalities and cities. Training should include information on relevant facts and tools for green public procurement such as energy-efficieny labels and their practical application in tenders, possibly provided by the participants, details of the latest innovative products, joint green public procurement, legal frameworks, sustainable tendering and best practice examples from municipalities and cities. Find the programms and presentations undefinedhere

Regional subnetworks assisted by national expert organisations in the six partner countries provide practical and technical advice to the authorities through a step-by-step training and implementation approach: