Public Contracting Authorities Meet – pro-EE Conference in Linz, Austria

Ecological procurement is rating high in the EU by now. Ecological and joint award criteria have been developed. And great potential for an improved implementation results from a cooperation spanning community and regional corporation as well as from twinning with the economy to strengthen innovative technology. On 7/8 October 2010, the pro-EE final conference is going to present most recent results on opportunities and limits in joint ecological and economical procurement and provides answers to questions on public procurement.

The conference covers the following topics:

  • Ecological and economical procurement – what do the EU and the national action plan have in store for us?
  • Practical implementation – where do EU-countries stand?
  • International cooperation from the viewpoint of the public procurement law.
  • Successful cooperation models between countries, cities and municipalities.
  • Framework conditions for communities – regional, economical and ecological procurement despite tight budgets and public procurement law.
  • Innovative Austrian companies present themselves: e-mobility and LED/solar technology.


In the evening of 7 October, international, national and regional procurement authorities meet for an exchange of experience in a comfortable atmosphere and discuss the question "Where does the public procurer’s way lead to?".
Participants will have the chance to get to know procurement news from EU officials.

Registration by 20 September 2010
Fax: 0043-732-7720-214420

  • No conference fees
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For further information:

Mag. Petra Pierecker, Tel.: 0043-732-77 20-14 4 31
Gabriele Singer, Tel.: 0043-732-77 20-14 4 29


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