This page informs you about the pro-EE project in Greece.

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Centre for Renewable Energy Sources - CRES
19th km Marathonos Ave,
19009, Pikermi Attiki

Yannis Vougiouklakis
Phone: +30-210-6603320

Nikos Karapanagiotis
Phone: +30-210-6603317


Status of GPP scheme in Greece

The Green Public Procurement mechanism in Greece is still in an infancy state. This is due to a still existing a lack of information towards the relevant stakeholders (municipalities, public organizations) concerning the advantages that they could have, if they were enabling such a strategy at their procurements.

In Greece most of the times the procurement department of the municipalities have a clear target of purchasing products at the lowest price while using an already existing database of suppliers, who most often offer conventional and previously bought products. Having in mind the above stressed facts, it is very easy to understand that plans for joint procurement among Greek municipalities have not yet been seriously presented and supported.

Aside from informing properly on the GPP principles and advantages of organizing jGPP, a very significant barrier has to do with the huge dispersion of responsibilities within a municipality and the existing municipality procurement code which does not clearly set other criteria besides the financial ones. 

However, recently the Ministry of Development, in close collaboration with CRES, has proceeded to the formulation of a new Ministerial Degree, effective as from 17th of June. This joint Ministerial Degree (JMD) tackles the issue of energy saving measures in the public sector in relation to the acquisition of energy consuming products and maintenance / management of the building stock.

Within this JMD, energy standards for a series of electrical & office equipment are placed towards a minimum set of energy requirements, aiming to formulate a new procurement law for the public sector in the future that will also incorporate energy award criteria.

The recent developments, along with the planned activities within the pro-EE project, are expected to widen the GPP scheme in Greece and to facilitate the development of more advanced schemes like fjGPP and pbjGPP.