How to get involved?

If you would like to get involved in the pro-EE project you need to contact the Regional Focal Point in your country.

The Regional Focal Points act as experts on sustainable public procurement / energy efficiency and as co-ordinators of the pro-EE network. They invite additional local authorities to join, translate, produce and disseminate results. In addition, they offer training to further cities and municipalities.

The regional focal points are:


undefinedUpper Austrian Academy for Environment and Nature


undefinedClimate Alliance / European Secretariat



undefinedCentre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES)


undefinedClimate Alliance Italy


undefinedNational Institute for Engineering, Technology and Innovation (INETI)


undefinedEcoinstitut Barcelona


Please click on the links above to learn more about the activities of the Regional Focal Points in the respective country.

Besides Regional Focal Points there are lead cities and pilot cities in each participating country.

Lead cities have certain experience in green / sustainable procurement and provide the practical and technical advice to cities, which will be invited to participate at the start of the project and collaborate in the regional joint procurement.

Pilot cities develop integrated local energy efficiency plans with the central aim to involve local actors, besides their leading role in the regional joint procurement schemes.