Partners at the meeting in Vienna

There are 18 participants in the consortium pro-EE. Please click on the orange link below for more information and contact details of each partner.

Co-ordinator: undefinedClimate Alliance





Climate Alliance

Climate Alliance is Europe’s largest city network, which focuses on the implementation of local climate protection measures especially in the fields of energy and mobility. Furthermore it cooperates with indigenous peoples to protect the tropical rainforests. Activities comprise the exchange of experiences, development of systematic approaches to local climate protection, representation of the interests of local authorities committed to climate protection at the EU and international levels, facilitation of cooperation of European cities with indigenous peoples, and other functions. Climate Alliance’s European Secretariat will act as Project Co-ordinator for pro-EE. It is in charge of all tasks associated with the management of the project, leading communication and dissemination activities and contributing to common dissemination activities to the Intelligent Energy Executive Agency (IEEA).


Andreas Kress, Project Management       
Phone: +49-69-71 71 39-33    

Dag Schulze, Energy Efficiency        
Phone: +49-69-71 71 39-24    

Klimabündnis Österreich

Climate Alliance's national coordination in Austria.


Friedrich Hofer
Phone: +43-1-581-5881-13

Peter Molnar
Phone: +43-581-5881-0

Upper Austrian Academy for the Environment and the Nature in co-operation with the Department for Facility- and Procurement-Management

The academy organises and arranges events regarding climate protection and sustainable development, including also consulting, issuing of publications and granting subsidies. In the field of energy efficiency and joint procurement the academy has experience in practical projects, developing concepts, technical criteria and guidelines. Major projects include among others, the Upper Austrian Climate Adaptation Programme and contributions to the joint procurement scheme that include municipalities.


Hannes Pöcklhofer, Practical experience, technical criteria and guidelines
Phone: +43-732-7720-12316   

Andreas Drack, Projects general and dissimination, technical criteria and guidelines
Phone: +43-732-7720-14411

Alleanza per il Clima onlus

Climate Alliance's national coordination in Italy.



Dr. Karl-Ludwig Schibel
Phone: +39-075-8554321

Maurizio Zara

European Partners for the Environment (EPE) and EUCETSA

EPE, a multi-stakeholder forum,  brings together public authorities, large and small companies, trade unions, institutes, environmental organisations, consumer and ethical NGOs, which include sustainability standards setters, investors, purchasers and performance raters as well as cleantech suppliers and other networks and consultancies.  These key players interact in a globalized economic framework addressing the whole value chain, including outsourcing. Recent activities focus on Resource Efficiency Alliance and European Platform on Financial Support to Eco-Innovation

The European Committee of Environmental Technology Suppliers represents fourteen national trade associations. Approximately 1500 member companies are affiliated to these national associations, like environmental technology equipment suppliers and companies in the area of air, water, soil and waste technologies.
Main activities are the coordination of EUCETSA input to European Research projects including TECHNEAU, TESTNET, AirTV and pro-EE.


European Partners for the Environment
Marco Torregossa
Phone: +32-2-771 1534

Lionell Platteuw
Phone: +32-2-706 8205

Ecoinstitut Barcelon

The institut carries out technical studies and assessments, organises conferences and training sessions on sustainable procurement, energy, building and urbanism, etc. It has experience in the following areas: energy efficiency of public equipment and in public buildings, community participation and divulgation. Regarding joint procurement they focus on public administration and supplier assessment as well as developing training and product group criteria for projects such as LEAP and Procura+, as well as European and regional projects. Present and future projects include, among other green procurement extensions to private and enterprise level as well as energy projects on participation methodologies and common ownership.


Bettina Schaefer
Phone: +34-93-348 13 86   

Helena Estevan   
Phone: +34-93-348 13 86   

ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability

ICLEI is an international association of local governments national and regional local government organisations which provides technical consulting, training, and information services to build capacity, share knowledge, and support local governments in the implementation of sustainable development. The association has experience in promoting the concept of sustainable procurement internationally and developing tools to assist implementation as well as purchasing criteria. ICLEI focuses on projects regarding sustainable procurement and consumption, e. g. Procura+ or RESPIRO.


Simon Clement    
Phone: +49-761-368 9244    


National Institute for Engineering, Technology and Innovation - INETI

INETI is a state laboratory for research, development and demonstration integrated in the Ministry of Economy and Innovation. The institute focuses on R&D, training and services in various areas concerning sustainability and participates in several European networks. INETI has experience regarding energy efficiency in cleaner production in several companies/sectors and works on sustainable procurement in close cooperation with private and public organisations. Current and future projects include green public procurement for Mediterranean local authorities, environmental product declarations, and others.


Paula Trindade, Green Procurement, Integrated Product Policy
Phone: +351-210924600 ext. 4208

Centre for Renewable Energy Sources - CRES

CRES is the Greek national centre for Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Rational Use of Energy (RUE) and Energy Saving (ES). Main acitivites are consultation of the Greek government, project realisation and dissemination of technologies and information in its areas of expertise. CERS's experience comprise energy design for buildings and built environment, measurements of materials and building products, energy audits, analysis and development of regulatory and fiscal instruments, promotion of energy performance contracting and energy service companies and much else. Furthermore CRES has acted as a consultant to public authorities and bodies for the determination of technical and regulatory requirements for such procurements. Currently the centre participates in about 20 IEE projects.


Nicolas KARAPANAGIOTIS, overall management        
Phone: +30-2106603317    

Yannis VOUGIOUKLAKIS, management

City of Murcia

Murcia is the seventh most populated city in Spain (more than 430.000 inhabitants). It is located in the SE of Spain, 45 Km from the Mediterranean sea. The municipality of Murcia is involved in four European projects on energy issues. Some current actions are the implementation of municipal energy efficiency and renewable energy promotion policies through the development of a Local Energy Plan. Environmentally sustainable criteria have been introduced on local procurement for municipal vehicles, timber from sustainable forestry and eco-friendly office materials. In 2006 Murcia City Council created the Local Energy Agency of Murcia (ALEM). The Local Strategy against Climate Change (2007) was launched in 2007.



Francisco Carpe

Mercedes Hernández Martínez

City of Amaroussion

The City of Amaroussion is one of the largest municipalities of Athens. It has experience in the joint procurement of recycled paper and sustainable waste management. Major projects include the installation of natural gas in schools and public buildings, supporting the emergence of innovative European sustainable energy communities, identifying and implementing potential measures to reduce energy use in freight transportation, and other projects. In order to improve the efficiency and flexibility of its operation, a series of Development Companies have been established within the structure of the municipality. One of them, the Municipal Development Company of Amaroussion (DEADA), participates in the project pro-EE on behalf of the Municipality of Amaroussion.


Christiana Armeniakou, European Projects Office    
Phone: +30-210-8760343

Katerina Kapetanaki, EMAS    
Phone: +30-210-8760344    

Dimitris Amitsis,National Funding Projects    
Phone: +30-210-8760335    

City of Mainz

The city of Mainz implements green procurement as well as energy strategies and promotes environmental management systems in Mainz. This includes besides others, the application of an electronic procurement system over the internet and the usage of gel in printers instead of ink. Current and future projects comprise the development of a buying syndicate with other institutions and cities and a green procurement manual for the municipal staff. In the coming years the city focuses on cost reduction for procurement and minimisation of CO2 emissions.


Thomas Pensel, Green procurement, energy efficiency, coordination        
Phone: +49-6131-122285    

Dorothee Dümig, Green procurement, assistance        
Phone: +49-6131-123951    

Andrea Reith, Environmental management system        
Phone: +49-6131-124274    

Ulrich Hellenbrand, Tendering procedures, central purchase        
Phone: +49-6131-122118    

City of Torres Vedras

The Municipality of Torres Vedras promotes the sustainability of quality of life by developing an integrated local action plan. Local agents have been included in the development process, which has also been open to individual citizen participation. Regarding climate protection there is a strong movement towards renewable energies, namely wind force. Furthermore an environmental education centre was opened in 2005, which has increased the citizens' awareness of environmental / sustainable development issues.


Mylene Gomes
Phone: +351-261-320 705

Sandra Pedro
Phone: +351-261-310 482

City of Munich

The City of Munich aims for climate protection and security of supply by combining reasonably renewable energies, energy efficiency and energy saving. In 2008/2009 major projects are the local climate alliance “Munich for climate protection” and CO2 reduction projects in the fields of sustainable energy supply, consistent energy saving, efficient use of energy and sustainable mobility. Further activities include energy production by cogeneration and the special forum “Energy efficiency in office buildings” in co-operation with the chamber of commerce and industry.


Reinhard Bodisch
Phone: +49-89-233-47527    

Dr. Gerhard Urbainczyk    
Phone: +49-89-233-47709    

Christian Mairgünther, Procurement     
Phone: +49-89-233-22987    

City of Frankfurt

Energy efficiency is the essential principle in Frankfurt. The Municipal Energy Agency has many experiences in this field, for example: cogeneration, energy efficiency in dwellings and office buildings, passive houses, photovoltaic-installations. Major projects include a concept for climate protection, which defines seven packages of measures like energy efficiency in office buildings and sustainable energy supply. In the field of joint procurement the City of Frankfurt has already some experience. Recently sanitary paper was purchased together with the airport operator Fraport. Furthermore the City has set up guidelines for procurement that include environmental aspects.


Dr. Werner Neumann   
Phone: +49-69-212 39192   

City of San Sebastián

Regarding climate protection and energy efficiency the City of San Sebastián focuses on the design and management of the local action plan against climate change and the local energy efficiency plan as well as management of actions. Current and future projects comprise programmes for green procurement, alternative energy for municipal buildings and ustainable street lighting. Further activities include a waste prevention plan for the city council, an information programme for council workers and green procurement of cars, office material and others. A main goal for the coming years is, besides others, a 15% reduction of CO2 emissions by 2013.

Ana Juaristi Arrieta, climate change, green procurement, energy    
Phone: +34-943-31 75 82    

City of Ferrara

The City of Ferrara has been implementing guidelines, communication and information tools about Green Procurement for employees and citizens since 1994. Besides energy saving and the utilisation of environmentally friendly energy sources, the municipality has also focused on the usage of  eco-efficient motorized vehicles and bicycles. The Municipality of Ferrara is aiming at improving and increasing the demand of green procurements and energy efficient equipment also towards third parties (e.g.: suppliers, other public administrations, etc.). Regarding joint procurement it participates in networks on a national and regional scale in Italy.


Eng. Alberto Bassi
Phone: +39-0532-418802

Dr. Rossella Zadro
Phone: +39-0532-419581

Valeria Nardo, Green Procurement - Purchase Department
Phone: +39-0532-419277

Maurizio Abbati, EMAS Environmental  Management System
Phone: +39-0532-744656

City of Cascais

The City of Cascais established the local energy agency "Agência Cascais Energia", which aims at reducing and minimising CO2 emissions by promoting energy efficiency and saving as well as the use of renewable energy sources. The agency focuses among others on energy efficiency projects like public procurement as well as education and awareness actions. Further projects include the Municipal Energy Map, technical consulting to municipal projects, energy efficient refurbishment of public buildings, and other projects.


Ivan Rodrigues
Phone: +351-21-0995354